domingo, 10 de febrero de 2013


El pasado 11 de enero se publicó el primer número de la revista estadounidense Wilde Magazine dedicada al arte y la literatura de temática LGBT. A continuación os dejo con mi presentación para este volumen en el que mi escaparate "An Imaginary Meeeting" apareció publicado en la categoría de Arte Visual.  

My name is Javipop and I am a visual artist from Barcelona, Spain. I am currently the visual merchandiser at Antinous, an LGBTQ bookstore located in downtown Barcelona. Working there has provided me the opportunity of reflecting --through visual art and literature-- on different aspects of the LGBTQ community such as identity, sex and gender, equal-rights and community-building. In this sense, my aim is to use the public space of the store as an “open window” through which to explore what it means to be gay in an heterocentric society. In this regard, I would like to consider three of the window displays showcased at the bookstore that I find most illustrative of this topic. The first one is based on the novel by the Spanish writer Agustín Gómez Arcos, The carnivorous lamb (1975), and depicts a room divided in half, as a metaphor of the divided identity faced by gays and lesbians before “coming out.” 

The second scheme is represented by a typewriter tied with ropes over a pillow, an image that arise from Reinaldo Arenas' autobiography, Before night falls (1992). And it reveals the oppression he suffered for being an openly gay writer under the Cuban regime. 

The third visual display reproduce "an imaginary meeting" with some of the most prominent LGBTQ writers, in an homage to those who narrated a sense of community in their works.

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